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Activity Conditions

1a.- DANIEL JIMÉNEZ EXPÓSITO with ID: 40537970x undertakes that:

  • The staff is qualified/skilled and capable for the activity to be carried out.
  • The activities are covered by civil liability insurance by the company
  • The activities are properly planned, especially with regard to the management of risks and adversities.

2a.- The participant will be properly informed about the activity to be carried out, in order to have the conviction that this activity is the one he/she wishes to carry out, and is suitable for his/her personal characteristics.

3a.- Unless otherwise indicated in the program, the costs and responsibility of the transport to the place where the course is taught or the activity is carried out will be the charge and account of the participant. The participant will arrive at the activities in sufficient time to resolve any unforeseen circumstances or needs. The accumulation of small delays has a direct and very negative impact on safety, group harmony and the smooth development of the activity.

4a.- The participant will notify those responsible for the activity of any incident that occurred during the journey to it (physical, mental, material, etc.) even if they may seem insignificant, such as motion sickness due to travel, weakness due to a bad breakfast, etc. Likewise, the organization will be warned in case of being on medication with substances that may alter their usual abilities.

5a.- The activities are subject to weather conditions and the characteristics of the people who participate. The timetables, itineraries and methods to be followed may be modified or even suspended in whole or in part, if the circumstances require it and always at the discretion of the company, the monitors, technicians, mountain guides or instructors /is. In these cases, no amount paid by the participant will be refunded, given the unpredictability of these factors (as long as the activity has already started). THERE WILL BE A CHANGE OF DATES WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL COST if the suspended activity has not yet started.

6a.- Cancellation policy:
The full amount will be returned when the activity is canceled ten days in advance. The company can cancel due to weather issues at any time. In this case, the company may make a proposal to change the activity or date, according to the conditions.

50% of the reservation will be returned when: The activity is canceled less than ten days in advance.

The reservation will not be returned when: The activity is canceled less than 72 hours in advance or the number of participants decreases.

7a.- Each activity will specify the type and amount of material needed. If any participant is missing an essential element of the equipment, those responsible for the activity may suspend or delay the start until this problem is rectified or even choose to continue with the program without the presence of the affected person, if the lack of these elements is attributable to the participant.

8a.- The theoretical or explanatory session prior to the activity is considered the START of the services. The participant will pay and maintain, throughout the development of the activity, due attention to the instructions that may be given by the organization. You will pay very special attention to the monitors, technicians, mountain guides or instructors responsible for the activity, following all the action and/or safety instructions they can provide. Without the knowledge and express authorization of those responsible, the participant will not be placed in potentially dangerous places such as large slopes, precipices, unstable ground, turbulent water currents, chasms, ice sheets, ice areas, landslides, avalanches, etc. Any breach of these guidelines may lead to the exclusion of the non-complying participant or even being dropped from the course or activity, with the loss of all their rights. The monitors, technicians, mountain guides or instructors responsible for the activity have the authority to suspend an activity or prevent a participant from continuing in it if it poses a danger to him/herself or the rest of the group. DANIEL JIMÉNEZ EXPÓSITO declines all responsibility for any accident caused by the imprudence, negligence or recklessness of any participant.

9a.- The participant will keep all the equipment specific to the activity on and properly installed at all times, intensifying his attention and care with the protection and safety equipment, both individual and collective, he will keep the material assigned for the activities, and will communicate instantly if any deterioration or loss occurs during the performance of these activities. The equipment for the development of the activities are not game instruments and their good use will make the activity much more pleasant and safer. In the event of loss or breakage of material lent or rented by DANIEL JIMÉNEZ EXPÓSITO due to the negligence of the participant, he/she may be required to pay the value or replace it.

10a.- The participant will deeply respect the natural environment where the activity takes place, intensifying this care in the areas of protected natural spaces. In the natural environment, there should be no traces of their passage through it. It will also respect other groups or people who are in the areas where the activities are carried out.

11a.- The participant gives his/her consent to use the images taken during the activities for information/advertising campaigns that DANIEL JIMÉNEZ EXPÓSITO undertakes in the future and to show it to other participants that take courses and/or activities with this company, unless otherwise indicated.

12a.- DANIEL JIMÉNEZ EXPÓSITO will not attend to complaints about the number and characteristics of the photos taken during the activity and about cases of force majeure where they cannot be recovered. Our guides are not professional photographers. They take snapshots as well as they know how. Its main objective is the guidance and safety of the participants and not the photographic reportage of the activity, courtesy of the company.

13a.- At the end of the activity, the participant will hand over all the material assigned to those responsible for it.